cotton swab production

Production of cotton swabs in different forms and sizes, with paper sticks as well as plastic sticks

cotton swab packaging

Automatic packaging of cotton swabs into differrent forms and materials of packages

spare parts

Falu has all commonly used spare parts on stock and can deliver them in short time. To receive an offer for needed parts please fill in the inquiry form

cotton pads production

Production of cotton pads in different forms and sizes, with or without imprinted pattern

cotton pads packaging

Automatic packaging of different cotton pads into different forms of packages 


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Falu News

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Paper sticks

In time for the new legislation to come in force, Falu AG and Türeller Ltd are pleased to announce their partnership for the production................

The Falu Draftmodule

The last 45 years all European cotton swab machines had to rely on a cotton sliver weight of around 1.5 g/m. It was one of ..............

Industrial extra drying system

A lot of countries suffer from high humidity which causes difficulties and inefficiency in the cotton swab production.
Falu offers a solution being integrated in a modular form to..........