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  • Impressions of the 50 year celebration of Falu

    November 14 Falu clebrated its 50 years anniversary together with clients. The first stop of the journey ked us to Bellini&Meda in Pozzolengo where part of the Falu machines are produced. Here the partizipants had the opportunity to see the new Falu products, like the ryer and the draft module. From there the bus took us to Descenzano, where we enteered the boat bringing us to the pittoresque peninsula of Sirmione where we spent some time enjoying the beautiful village, its houses, its castel, its churches. A tour guide informed us about the interesting history of the peninsula and its culture. Now the golf hotel was waiting for us. An apero and a special dinner completed the day and late in the evening the bus driver brought us securely back to Milano.

    December 23 Falu celebrated the anniversary together with its staff in the historic villa Aurum in Rapperswil