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Paper sticks

In time for the new legislation to come in force, Falu AG and Türeller Ltd are pleased to announce their partnership for the production and distribution of paper and plastic sticks. These sticks are used to produce cotton swabs, lollipops and other products. 
With the offer of a complete range of sticks we provide service and lower transportation costs at the same time. 

Türeller has taken the responsibility of producing the sticks, Falu of providing them to the market. The sticks, particularly the ones made of paper, are of excellent quality and can be used on all types of cotton swab machines. 

Türeller Makina Sanayi Ltd is a family owned company internationally active in the business of plastic stick production since more than 15 years and is located in Kocaeli near Istanbul, Turkey. 

Significant improvement in the prooduction of cotton swabs:
The Falu Draft Module: FDM

The last 45 years all European cotton swab machines had to rely on a cotton sliver weight of around 1.5 g/m. It was one of the big challenges of the manufacturers of this industry. Now, in 2014, FALU AG brings a radical change into this industry.

FALU AG based in Rüti, Switzerland, original inventor of the current swab manufacturing process, introduces the international patented draft system
enabling the usage of 3 to 5 g/m standard slivers, called FDM (FALU DRAFT MODULE). The FDM offers several advantages. You simply rely on a standard sliver from the textile industry making you independent from producers of special 1.5 g/m slivers. This is less expensive. The sliver is produced on a conventional carding machine without special equipment. The increased load makes the carding machine much more efficient with a better quality sliver. The heavier sliver is stronger and does not break any longer; in addition it moves, for the same production rate of swabs, up to 3.5 times slower than today. Consequently you can use even shorter fibres. The use of 1 meter diameter coiler with a height of 1 m is now possible resulting in unin- terrupted cotton swab production for at least 8 hours. Last but not least the sliver weight can be standardized within your production process using the same sliver for normal swabs, safety (baby) swabs and cosmetic swabs, hence preventing excess stocks. 

The new Falu industrial drying system

A lot of countries suffer from high humidity which causes difficulties and inefficiency in the cotton swab production.

Falu offers a solution being integrated in a modular form to the CB1-High Performance cotton swab machine:  the industrial extra drying system.

This system dries the cotton swabs to a state where these can be packaged in an airtight package/container immediately after production, so there is no more need for extended machines or ovens for this purpose.

The special industrial design of the dryer reduces space utilization enabling an efficient and fast operation by only one operator. The encapsulation of the drying unit in combination with drying of the outgoing air prevents heat loss saving energy and costs.