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Packaging machine for polyethylen bags BV-2M/2A

FALU BV-2A is a fully automatic bags packaging machine to be coupled with a FALU cotton swabs machine.
The cotton swabs are automatically packaged into bags. The bags are subsequently sealed by welding.
A bag typically contains from 60 to 300 swabs.

Option: Falu BV-2M
FALU BV-2M is a semi-automatic bag packaging machine to be combined with a FALU cotton swabs machine.
After the bags are fed to the machine by the operator, the machine fills cotton swabs automatically into plastic bags.
The packaging machine has a capacity of up to 20 bags per minute.
Packaging type    Polybag
Speed up to 16 (BV-2A) / 20 (BV-2M) bags per minute, depending on the bag size
Covering manual or automatic
PLC Controller Omron
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